Maggot Debridement

Maggot Debridement

The Alternative Wound Treatment

Maggots are medical grade larvae which is sterile and used in the medical field on non healing wounds to debride and speed up healing process. Maggots are place in the wound upon hatching from the egg on day1 and removed from the wound after 48-72 hours. Upon removal, the wound is cleaned and reassessed if second application is needed or require modern dressing.

– Hypoallergenic
– Non-invasive
– Effective
– Painless


Mechanism of Action:

– Remove slough – dissolve necrotic/dead tissues
– Speed up wound healing – promote new tissue growth
– Disinfect the wound – ingest bacteria


Suitable Wounds for Maggot Therapy:

– Chronic non-healing ulcers
– Venous ulcers
– Diabetic ulcers
– Bed sore
– Post Amputation Non healing wounds
– Any type of wounds which are sloughy & the patient unable to go for surgical debridement

Early Treatment Can Save Your Limb

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