Wound Dressing

Wound Dressing

Cleaning & Simple Dressing of Wound

The wound is cleaned & soaked in special wound cleanser to kill any infective material, get rid of the bad odour & oxygenate the tissues at the wound bed. These kind of cleansers revitalize the tissues at the wound bed and promotes healing as well.


The wound edge will be taken care of so that the tissues surrounding the wound are in healthy condition and removal of hard skin including callus & corns will be carried out.

A simple dressing is  a gauze dressing and require daily dressing change.


Modern Dressing (Perawatan Luka Moden)


Modern dressing is inclusive  of various materials and products, most commonly includes gauze which is impregnated with clinically proven components to keep the wound infection free & speed up healing and prevent further harm.


Types of Dressing depends very much on the type,  condition & placement of the wound  Not all wounds require the same dressing!


Most of the time when modern dressing is applied, dressing change need not to be done daily as compared to conventional gauze dressing unless the wound becomes extremely wet in 24 hours, infected or need as required by the patient’s clinical condition.


Modern dressing also includes wound cleanser which plays a big role to wash out & irrigate  the wound. It also removes odour and also helps to wet & soften necrotic tissues for easier removal by manual procedure using sharp/blunt procedure.


Different wounds require different modern dressing because each wound is special and have different objectives to be achieved:


For example,


– foam-like dressing to absorp exudates.
– Silver dressing to protect wound from infection/treat infection on site.
– Hydrogel products are used in granulating wounds & autolytic debridement.
– Hydrofibre dressing for maintaining moisture as well as absorp excess exudates.


A suitable dressing should be sterile, breathable  and treats the wound bed well  for a moist healing condition.An “ideal” wound dressing is one that is sterile, breathable, and conducive for a moist healing environment.


If suitable dressing is chosen, then the wound will heal faster with no/minor  infection/complication & less scarring.


Honey Dressing


Known as one of the oldest natural wound healing material is used as an wound dressing since decades and more so of now due to ample evidence and reports which indicates that honey has anti inflammatory effect, antibacterial ,provides a moist healing condition and stimulates healing.


We do use this material according to the suitability in the form of impregnated dressings.

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